Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Showers

Despite the lack of showers here in Texas, one can still hope for some rain,  or at least plan ahead for the next time it does!

I am shocked by the amazing selection of adorable rainy day necessities out there! :

Rainboots / Gumboots:

Boots by Hunter, in Candy Pink

Citrus boots via Target

Sperry Top Slider Boots

Kamik boots in Green

Capelli "yeehaw" via Target

Amazing umbrellas: (seriously, these are amazing. Who knew.)

Adorable rainy day depictions:

Passport cover, via etsy shop : owlsay

Lemondrops, via etsy shop: ParadaCreations

Saved for a Rainy Day Notecards, via etsy shop : rowhouse14

April Bear, via etsy shop : corelladesign

Raining Rabbit, via etsy shop : Cocodeparis

Late Fall, via etsy shop : matteart

Rainy Day Hedgehog Postcards, via etsy shop : LeFrenchCircus

Crossing my fingers for rain now, worst case scenario:
I'll just be forced to surround myself in rainy day art! 

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