Friday, July 29, 2011

Geometrics,  Angles,  Facets,  Modernism :  Feast your eyes.

Vertex chair by Karim Rashid 

Themis Mobile by Clara Von Zweigbergk

Polyhedra sink by Franke

Mirrored Facet Side table by West Elm

via Etsy shop : Revisions 

Ridiculous, gaudy, and impractical faceted items:

Crystal Panther ring by Roberto Cavalli

Victoria Cabin by Pedro Sousa

Crystal Tiger by Swarovski

Two Dimensional, Multi Faceted Art : 

Heart With Facets, via Etsy shop : Mengsel Design

Diamond Letterpress Card via Etsy shop : letterpress

Clockwise from top left: Aquamarine, Geometry, Amethyst, Soft Rock
via Etsy shop : The Pairabirds 

City on the Edge of a Triangle World
via Etsy shop : Sometimes I Swirl

Clockwise from top left: Little Boxes No. 2  , Ovo Print,
 Crystal Study No. 1, Mountain Range No. 2
via Etsy shop : Swell Papel

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  1. Lovely selection of geometry, if I do say so myself! :)